EOC 中文 英文

South Regional Emergency operations Center, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C


Mission statement

The EOC’s purpose is to coordinate immediate information and resources for disaster management. It must receive, analyze, and present information about the incident to decision-makers. Meanwhile, the EOC also prioritizes, deploys, and fallows up critical resources to reinforce the communication, collaboration, and coordination.


EOC Organization

Under the guidance of The Department of Health and Center of Disease Control in Taiwan, Six island-wide jurisdictions were established since 2004. They are EOC-Taipei, North-EOC, Central-EOC, South-EOC, Kao-Ping EOC and East-EOC.


Stakeholders of South-EOC

The south-EOC is the firstly-established EOC among these 6 EOCs. It locates in National Cheng Kung University Hospital. The region includes Yun-Lin County, Chia-Yi County and Chia-Yi City and Tainan City. The South-EOC networking consists of totally 4 Bureaus of Fire Service, 4 Public Health Bureaus, and 9 Main Responsible Hospitals. The South-EOC staff members include a Manager, 5 Deputy Managers and 10 Members.


Mission phases


There are three phases of mission for EOC.

1) In Preparatory phase, we focuses on maintaining available personal and materials database.

2) In Response phase, we focuses on fallows up event information and efficient real-time information communication.

3) In Recovery phase, we focuses on debriefing and reviewing previous management.

Let us elaborate with more details.

Ø  1) We use Internet-based IT to provide Flexibility, Convenience, Live Current Information and Interactive Collaborative Protocols. It enables us to effectively prioritize and control resources and automate processes. Comprehensive SOPs were developed to formulate the cross regional health emergency plan and to complete the mission in a timely fashion.

Ø  2) There are 3-level activation modes for EOC. It works around the clock to strengthen the communication and information sharing among various rescue agencies. We utilize 24 hour hot-line to directly contact with 9 hospitals directly, so that the immediate information can be transmitted. In addition, alternative ways of communications such as satellite phones, radios and teleconferencing are also equipped to meet flexibility.

Ø  3) EOC staff members conduct debriefing after each major event, mainly on medical relief mission of medical support. They also review the management afterwards for future better response.